Mett’s Modalities Inventory


            The score of 23 on visual modalities reflects that I like learning by observing. I usually remember things that I saw on the board or something that I read from a book. In addition, I can remember things that I read in a book and most cases; I can locate the source of information such as the left or right-hand side of a page. Consequently, I study body movements well because I can see many things from what a person intends to reveal. Additionally, whenever I am doing a test, I can visualize the textbook on my head. I do not like any disturbances such as music from the background whenever an involved in an important task. Subsequently, I require a quiet place to undertake my critical assignments. In essence, my primary modality is visual because I learn better from graphs, charts, filmstrips and textbooks. On the other hand, audio pattern supports my primary method of information intake. Ideally, I like lecturers and audiotapes but not as much as like seeing what I would like to learn. I do not like rewriting class notes or taking notes and as such I am poor in kinesthetic. I have known for a long time that I am a visual learner because I like studying while alone. Group discussions do not favor me because I like time to visualize whatever I am reading. At the same time, I remember things I have overheard from audio clips especially if I listen to the same with minimum disturbance. My friends have realized that I am better off when doing my studies as an individual.

Children display different strengths concerning their learning modalities through behavior. Subsequently, some teachers label some children as weak in certain areas yet when they sit for the examinations; they pass just like their peers. In essence should not discriminate children based on their strengths or weaknesses because different people have diverse methods of partaking information. On the contrary, teachers should encourage children to better their strengths to achieve better results in future (Coil, 2005).



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Coil, C. (2005). Teaching tools for the 21st century. Marion, IL: Pieces of Learning.

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