Annotated Bibliography

            The articles were gotten from databases and mainly cover the topic on innovationsupply chain management at global level. Most of the research articles are written by scholars in various fields. The topic of innovation is an important topic in global business arena because of the fast and vast changes taking place in the global business arena.

Kim,D. Casusgil, S.T.&Calantone,R. J. (2006). Information system innovations and supply chain management: Channel relationships and firm performance. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. 34,(1). doi: 10.1177/0092070305281619

            The scholarly article is very relevant to the subject matter of study as evidenced by the results of the quantitative research. The article reveals that innovation is fast taking place in the supply chain management. This is indicated by the ability to integrate several the supply chain management operations through technological applications.

            Appropriate research methodology and an appropriate representative sample of 184 firms are taken. The research targets the stakeholders in the global supply chain management who are required to embrace innovative approach. The authors are scholars who have command in their respective disciplines and apply high degree of expertise in their research. The only limitation in the research is that the one who is not acquainted with statistical methods of data analysis may find it hard to understand the article. Irrespective of the limitation, the article is suitable and suits the subject of study.

Felix T.S. Chan, H.J. Qi, (2003).An innovative performance measurement method for supply chain management. Supply Chain Management.An International Journal. (8)3, 209 – 223.Doi.

The article highlights the importance role played by global supply chain management in the modern society. Through the article, the changes that have taken place through revolutions over time have been highlighted. There are explanations about the performance measures of the supply chain management and the importance of innovations in the supply chain management.

The article employs qualitative research methodology in its research, and an appropriate sampling method. There researchers are qualified scholars in university of Hong Kong. The article is elaborated in an impeccable way, which makes is suitable article for other scholars and people interested in research methodology. One major limitation in this research paper is the use of some outdated references. Nonetheless, the article is a valuable tool that lays a foundation to better understanding of issues of supply chain management.

Robert E. S., John W. K. Jr, &Niklas M. (1998).An empirical investigation into supply chain management: A perspective on partnerships.International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. 28(8), 630 – 650.Doi.

This article touches on various critical elements surrounding global supply chain management. Among the issues that the research paper touches on include competitiveness, partnering, channel relationships, and purchasing. That indicates that the authors realize the critical role played by the supply chain management in the global markets. The article has vast information about global supply management, which can be beneficial to both the sellers and buyers in the supply chain.

The researchers employ both qualitative and quantitative research methodology. it is fully referenced and the data is analyzed using statistical tools of data analysis. The results of the research are presented in a credible way with each respective stakeholder being given audience. The presentation is well done and the research paper suites the subject of study. The researchers are scholars from recognized institutions. The major limitation is that the article is outdated considering that it was published in 198, thus the authors need to carryout research about the present innovation issues because the world has undergone transformation overtime. Irrespective of the limitation, the article is very important because it touches the role of various stakeholders in global supply chain management.

Wang, J. (2013). Management innovations for intelligent supply chains. Hershey, PA: Business Science Reference.

This is recent book by Wang which touches about the transformation that has occurred in the global supply chain management overtime. The role of technology in the supply chain management is highlighted and how it has enabled the global supply chain management to overcome challenges overtime. The article touches on the importance of business intelligence coupled with productivity applications and importance of communication across the globe.

The author is a celebrated scholar with vast knowledge and is full professor. He has employed both qualitative and quantitative data methodology in his book. The book is represented in a simplified manner with various visual aids to enable the reader understand the content. Nonetheless, the some readers can find it complicated to understand the data mining and analysis process employed by Wang. The book is suitable for people interested with the improvement in the performance of future global supply chain management.


The articles are very relevant to the topic of study. They all reflect that innovation is an important element that needs to be considered by supply chain management intending to overcome the business challenges. The articles differ in respect to their year of publishing, but stress on the importance of innovation in the global supply chain management.