Title: Character education




Characters are developed. This occurs mainly in instances where strong traditions are developed and students follow in their footsteps.  These traditions are normally passed over between generations through education that is normally practiced in schools. As such, the school forms a principal base where character education can be undertaken effectively.

Impact of a pioneer educator on character education

Thomas Jefferson was one of the greatest and renowned revolutionaries in the United States. Though not a gifted speaker, his writing skill had great effect in the revolution of the country. This is evident when he was selected to draft the declaration of independence aged only 33 years.  The declaration included among other factors an explanation of the colonies that required too be freed from British rule as well as an expression of the importance of individual rights and freedoms.  Later he was to advocate for a new constitution that included the bill f rights and limitation of presidential terms. In his later years, he was involved in establishment of University of Virginia the first of its kind that had no religious affiliations.

Impact of the study and behavior change

An insight in to the life and times of Thomas Jefferson indicates an individual committed to ensuring the best for every individual. In his honor, his face appears on the American nickel and as well was curved at Mount Rushmore. This is done to give a reminder to the present generations of his honorary deeds that transformed the country. In such way there is need to emulate the great deed and desire to observe the rights of individuals and serve the nation with a desire to build at work or in private life.


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