Facts in Timothy McVeigh case







On April 19 1995, one of the famous trials in the American history commenced. This involved the trial of Timothy McVeigh who was considered to be one of the biggest American terrorists. This was after he was taken in as a suspect in the one of the most deadliest attacks prior to the 9/11th one. The attack orchestrated by McVeigh is commonly referred to as the Oklahoma City bombing in which there were 168 casualties and over 600 injuries. To date it remains to be one of the most significant act which involved terrorism orchestrated by an American citizen.

Childhood and growth

Born in the year 1968, McVeigh was the only son in a family of three children. During his early schooling, he faced a lot of bullying that led to his seeking refuge in fantasy that was seeking refuge in taking revenge against his bullies. In the perspective of his fantasy, the government of the United States was the ultimate bully. Known to be a withdrawn in his adolescent years, he only had one girlfriend and described his character to journalists that he had no idea on how to impress girls. He was later to make a mark when he hacked into the government systems under the handle “the wanderer”.

At the age of 20 years, McVeigh graduated from the army and had great interest in firearms where he read much about sniper tactics and explosives. He was to be one of the recognized top scoring gunners and in such way became recognized by the US military in this regard.



His arrest

McVeigh was at first arrest for driving without plates and being in procession of unlicensed firearm. At the time of arrest ea was wearing a t-shirt with a photo of Abraham Lincoln and labeled “thus always to tyrants”. It was while in jail that he was identified as one of the most wanted criminals by the state owing to the identification documents after the bomb attack.

Facts of the trial

In a case that was led by the prosecutor  Hartzler’s, he described the events of the day of the bombing in the words “ the truck was there also to impose the will of Timothy McVeigh on the rest of America in the hopes  of seeing blood flow in the streets of America.” He further quoted the statement on the t-shirt worn by the suspect on the day of the bombing that read, “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with blood of patriots and tyrants.”  This was further enhanced by the evidence of the suspects close friend Lori frontier. In her submission, she stated that McVeigh had at one time constructed a model of a truck bomb using cans of soup. Further to this, she admitted to having laminated a fake driver’s license for the suspect that was in the name of Robert King McVeigh. This was the license that the suspect used to hire the track that was used in the attack.

The state presented a total of 137 witnesses most of whom were direct victims of the attack. However, the most notable fact of the case was the fallout of the suspect and the lawyer. While McVeigh suspected his lawyer of leaking a story of his confession to the “Dallas Morning news”, his lawyer in his book “Others unknown: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy” depicted an image where the lawyer showed the suspect as not being in any way less to blame for the event.


















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