Good Moral Character Laws

            It is a principle requirement that all the medical professionals are required to show some level of moral conduct that is aligned to the advancement of medicine and the society. The good moral conduct enhances that nurses and other health professionals to follow the code of ethics stipulated by the medical profession.  The International Council of Nurses demands that nurses adhere to the ethics and that some states demand all the practicing and licensed nurses to have Good Moral Character, thus adhere to the code of ethics defined by International Council of Ethics. The International Council of Ethics demands that Good Moral Conduct is founded on the social needs and values. More so, the International Council of nurses ethical codes are a reflection of the values within the society in respect to commitment of the nurses in recognition of the human rights that include dignity, right to live, privacy,  and respect among others (Keeling, 2007). In efforts to guarantee that licensed nurses abide by the codes of ethics as stipulated by International Council of Nurses, the nurses must work towards promotion and restoration of health, alleviating suffering and prevention of illness.

            Good moral character demand licensed nurses to display high degree of professionalism and reducing the risks to the public health. Among the key attributes of Good Moral Character, include accountability, reliability, integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. One incident where I demonstrated my Good Moral Character is when one of my client’s family demanded to know about the medical situation of their daughter in-law who they suspected to have been terminally ill. The medical ethics required to not to share the medical information to third parties. Thus, I did not inform them about the medical condition of the patient, and thus maintained the required privacy of the patient.




Keeling, A. W. (2007). Nursing and the privilege of prescription, 1893-2000. Columbus: Ohio State University Press.