Teaching values

Question 1

This week’s learning experience has changed my views and opinions of character education; I have learnt that value teaching entails moral knowing, feeling and action. Learners need to understand and at the same time internalize these values which include responsibility, respect, integrity, honesty and fairness. I poses these values and wish to strengthen them to become an effective teacher, Responsibility can be described as accountability of an individual’s action, respect as treating others the way you would like them to treat you, integrity is the uncompromising commitment to honor values, honesty is the being truthful and accurate and fairness is treating others equally.

These character values fit well into the five character values discussed this week, they do not need to fit well into the five character values given that there exist other approaches to achieve these values, this is refer  to eclectic approach, an eclectic educator is an educator who demonstrates various approaches to achieve results,  I consider myself an eclectic educator in that I have the ability to come up with several approaches to come up with the same results.


Question 2

I learn better through team work, when learning as a team, I am able to learn about my strengths and at the same time learn from my team mates. Teams also help in accomplishing tasks that would not have been possible when completing them on my own, it is therefore easier to work with a team rather than alone.

Question 3

When working with my team, I learnt that individuals have differing opinions which are useful and it’s important to consider them. Interactions in the team help in sharing knowledge and this creates a conducive environment for learning.


Question 4:

This week’s learning will change my actions at home and school, I have learnt that I need to be a role model through my morals and values, this will ensure that others respect and learn from my actions.